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I've heard in several different ways that “Money is renewable, Time is not”; This blog isn't a way to solicit your money, but it is an investment of time to the idea that profits come from sharing knowledge and experiences.  Justin Sterling CRE serves as a vessel to transport my experience, to build new relationships, and to engage with you about commercial real estate career.

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Patience & Perserverance

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

We've all got stories like this. You pursue a client or customer for what seems like forever and it never works out. Or, you met someone while networking at an #ICSC event and a decade later that relationship leads to a deal. The unpredictable nature of forecasting sales is like predicting the path of a hurricane before it's even a tropical storm.

The brokers life is one that demands both patience & perseverance. That's not to say every deal works out eventually. Far from it . We have to navigate the sea of prospects with discernment and intentionality and cut loose from the deals that anchor us in the path of mediocrity. Sometimes, just like the professionals we rely on forecast the weather, we're wrong in our assessment and the outcomes is far different than expected.

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