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“Money is renewable, Time is not”; This isn't a way to solicit business, but it is an investment of time. I hold the belief that real profit in life comes from sharing knowledge and experiences with each other and this serves as one vessel to transport experience, build relationships, and engage through our experiences in commercial real estate.

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NNN 101

Ever hear the term "Triple Net" or see NNN and not know what that means? Before you keep reading, STOP and imagine that when you pay a...

1/4 Mile

Nashville is not only home to Country Music, it's home to the contemporary christian music scene as well. In the early 2000’s when...

#CoronaVirus & #CRE

Imagine a dream where your riding shotgun with a bi-polar crazy uncle going over an icy bridge. Half way across, he slammed on the...

Hair Salon's: What To Look For

A few tips for local hair salons just trying to get some momentum with their dream and find a suitable space with out breaking the bank....

Dress Code: maximizing results

Do we ever get a second chance to make a first impression? No, but how a commercial real estate broker typically dresses may surprise...

To Drone or Not to Drone

The footage can be beautiful, & the perspective can help reveal value in a commercial real estate site. Drones are going to become a much...

Patience & Perserverance

We've all got stories like this. You pursue a client or customer for what seems like forever and it never works out. Or, you met...

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